Donated Goods

From clothing and school supplies to household items and event support, donated goods play a big part in supporting those in need throughout our community – and throughout the year. See how you can help below.

Volunteer with food pantry

Generosity in Action

We deeply appreciate donations of goods and services. Please contact Doreen Tarascio at 860.521.8035 during our office hours, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, to discuss your interest.

For our many special events, we welcome donations of refreshments and auction items. If you are interested in donating an item for an event, please call us first so we can discuss it with you. 

Volunteer with baby supplies

Bridging the Gap

Though the media makes the holiday season look sparkling and full of joy, that is not the reality for many of the children and families the Bridge serves. Many of our families express their needs through our counseling sessions, and we operate several residential programs for children and teens whose lives are in crisis. Most of these young people have suffered tragedy, abuse, or abandonment.

Holiday and Year-Round Wish List

To help those in need, we have put together our Holiday Wish List. The items in bold are in highest demand. 

Gift cards:  While gift cards may not always feel the most satisfying for the donor, they are the most valued by our staff, for they allow us to personalize things for our kids and help them find bright spots during dark times. These are primarily used by our counselors and residential staff to buy specific things the young people in our care need or want. They also allow our kids, especially our teens, to enjoy some of the things they may not otherwise get to do. For example: going for ice cream or to a movie with friends; getting their nails or hair done; buying fresh clothes for a school dance; buying something for prom or a holiday present for younger siblings also in state care.

Sadly, many of the girls in our residential care are victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. New clothes, nails, and experiences are often ways pimps and johns tempt girls into "the life." Through an extensive support process, we try to help girls see that there are other ways to experience these things, and gift cards can be another tool for us to use to support that process, where and when appropriate. 

New rain and winter gear for infants, children, and teens: coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and snow pants 

Warm, fuzzy socks, slippers, and robes for children and teens

Pajamas for children and teens

Arts and crafts supplies: coloring books, meditation sketch books, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, art kits, etc. 

New household items: twin and double sheets and comforters, towels, bath rugs, tupperware, vacuums, paper towels, cleaning supplies, feminine products, and toiletries

Other Items:

  • Pre-paid cell phones
  • Wallets for young men
  • Bikes and helmets
  • Nintendo Wii, games, and accessories; Xbox 360 gaming console
  • New Duplo sets
  • New picture books and novels (birth to elementary)

Big Wish: Rent for a year for a homeless youth