School-Based Services

Through contracts with the town and school system, we are the sole entity that provides therapeutic and mentoring services to the elementary, middle, and high school children of the West Hartford enrolled in the public school system.

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Support for Youth and Teens in Their Schools

The Bridge Family Center has a long working association with both the town of West Hartford and the West Hartford Public School system and has served as the Youth Service Bureau for the town of West Hartford for over 50 years. The Bridge provides children and youth with two primary types of school-based support: Counseling and Mentorship.

The Bridge offers the following school-based services in collaboration with school staff:

  • case consultation and crisis intervention
  • on-site counseling
  • on-site mentoring
  • groups on a variety of issues
  • speakers on topics of interest for student, faculty, or parent groups
  • mindfulness workshops for faculty
  • resources and referral

School-Based Counseling

Licensed therapists provide individual counseling to students grades K-12. The client and therapist work together to identify therapeutic goals that will assist the client in increasing overall wellbeing. Referrals are made by school staff and parents. School-based clients receive weekly sessions at a minimum. Family sessions are available as needed. 

School-Based Mentoring

The Bridge Family Center also employs mentors in schools who are trained in providing relational support to students grades K-12. Our mentors meet the youth where they are and assist them in setting specific educational or personal goals in order to help them achieve overall success. Mentoring is provided on a weekly basis. 

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  • In Fiscal Year 2023, 65 students were provided school-based counseling from the Bridge.

    In Fiscal Year 2023,
    65 students
    were provided school-based
    counseling from the Bridge.

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Mental Health Support for Children and Teens

The mental health of today’s youth has been significantly impacted over the past decade. Even before the pandemic, youth mental health was declared a public health crisis. Many youth struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, body image issues, eating disorders, trauma, substance use, and suicidal thoughts.

Life for youth is often complicated by peer pressure, societal norms, family stress such as separation or divorce, and struggles with identity. Though life has returned to normal post-pandemic, teachers and school administrators remain concerned about their students. They are speaking out and calling for an increase in public awareness, direct mental health interventions for teens, and aid in classrooms and schools to deal with the new normal. Through our School-Based Services we strive to provide a safe space for youth to receive the mental health treatment they deserve.



We’re Here to Help

If you would like school-based support for your child, please contact your school administrators or teachers, or reach out to our team here at the Bridge Family Center.

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